What is slyncy?

Combine. Connect. Consolidate.
Your CRM, ERP, Accounting, and eCommerce programs on one platform. A cloud service of it’s own, or embedded into Salesforce, Slyncy is your solution to software integration.

Feel like your softwares are working against you? Try it for FREE. It’s an easy, automated set-up; and you can select the combination of office software that works for you.

Questions? Call the Slyncy Team at +61 7 3077 8852 or read more about HOW IT WORKS

Customer Relationship

Track your customers’ purchasing patterns to boost sales. With quick, up-to-date customer data, you can focus on what matters – people and growth.

Finance and ERP

Frustrated with tedious double data entry? Use Slyncy solutions to manage your business cash-flow, invoicing, and accounts payable and receivable.


Integrate your online store with the rest of your business. Your order and applications: easy, organised, and synchronised, by Slyncy.

Why slyncy?

  • Choose the best software systems for your business and let Slyncy connect them.
  • Save time and reduce errors – no double entry of data.
  • Let Slyncy manage the complex relationships between invoices, tax calculations, products, customer information and more.
  • Super easy integration with over 550 connectors already in place.

By connecting your key business applications,
Slyncy links and synchronises your data.
You business software, working together.