Slyncy, is your cloud integration solution: syncing your data, linking your business applications. With extensive experience in Salesforce, search technologies, big-data collection, processing and analysis systems, Slyncy flows from our passion – delivering elegant solutions to difficult problems.

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Slyncy is a Village Chief Product. Village Chief, based in Brisbane, Australia, continues to provide high-quality software for solution-based results.

Meet Ben van Klinken,

Founder and CEO

A globally recognized specialist in search engine development, Ben is a leading Enterprise software architect. He’s developed numerous cutting edge solutions for information management and retrieval. With advanced search technologies distributed on many linux distributions, such as CLucene, Strigi, SteamAnalyzers, Lucene++, and Soprano.

Prior to Slyncy, Ben was a Senior IT Advisor for Barclays Bank, UK, where he led development on several projects worth £70M. A natural leader, he managed a team of 120 developers as well as a Senior Software Engineer and International Project Manager for GfK Research. He’s advises on IT technology for several companies including tvpage.com and beefreesoftware.com.

Ben is an innovation pioneer, at the forefront of technology and communication. With a niche for problem-solving, he continues to simplify business with powerful software services.