How it works

Clean. Configure. Combine. You’re data is Slyncy’d.
No more tedious copy and paste! Save time and boost productivity by connecting your business applications. Slyncy’s DATA HUB – a place where your data is stored, manipulated, and re-transmitted, according to your requirements is your solution.

Slyncy transfers data from your various business applications to a single data hub (Slyncy or Salesforce). Then, it cleans up your data, and transmits those changes into your configured settings.

Customer Relationship

Track your customers’ purchasing patterns to boost sales. With quick, up-to-date customer data, you can focus on what matters – people and growth.

Finance and ERP

Frustrated with tedious double data entry? Use Slyncy solutions to manage your business cash-flow, invoicing, and accounts payable and receivable.


Integrate your online store with the rest of your business. Your order and applications: easy, organised, and synchronised, by Slyncy.

What slyncy does for you

  • Automated Integrated
    For one-click connections, quickly link your business applications, and sync your data. Simplify management of your products, contacts, invoices, payments, and transactions.
  • A Single Customer View
    Your customers’ contact details and purchase history on one platform.
  • Customization: Modify your Data
    Use tagging for parties, products, and transactions. Customize your Customer ID or Supplier ID. Change invoice numbering (MYOB). Capitalize customer names on import. Prefix an invoice number for an eCommerce system. Set tax free orders. ‘Hold’ an invoice in the data hub for manual intervention. Attach an invoice to the contact’s account. Create accounts for parties coming from accounting or eCommerce systems.
  • Security
    Your data hub is hosted by Slyncy or Slyncy for Salesforce. All data transfers are done over secure SSL connections, and we encrypt any sensitive data like passwords or OAuth tokens on our systems.

Choose Your Cloud

The Slyncy

Data is hosted in your Slyncy Cloud. Safe, easy, and automatically updated when new versions of software are possible. Duplicated data as hosted by Slyncy on the servers.

Slyncy for Salesforce

All features of Slyncy inclusive. All features of Salesforce upgraded! Customise your data through workflows and triggers. Save time editing and organizing through Slyncy.