What is Slyncy?

Slyncy is a cloud integration solution.

It is designed from the ground up to be able to handle complex integration scenarios.

Hub-and-spokeSlyncy uses a hub-and-spoke approach to integration. This simplifies integration patterns and allows us to support many more systems without having to build out individual one-to-one mappings. We already support over 550 different combinations of connectors. Other advantages of the hub-and-spoke model are:

  • Easily supports more than a two endpoints
  • Allows replaying changes when an error occurs or a new system is added
  • Provides a data-hospital for fixing data
  • Supports scavenger and collector type approaches in the preparation of data

How it works

When Slyncy transfers data between two systems it  temporarily drops all data into the Slyncy DataHub. This DataHub contains a set of relational tables to hold the various types of data that Slyncy supports (see Data Types).

The DataHub can be hosted in several locations – by us, or in your own Salesforce.com instance.

Slyncy then runs jobs on a batched basis. First it transfers all your data from each of your configured systems into the DataHub; next it runs any necessary preparation jobs on the hub, Slyncy; transfers any changed data out and into your configured systems.


The Slyncy DataHub is the location where all your data is duplicated. This data is stored either on our secure heroku.com servers or on your own Salesforce.com servers.

All data transfers are done over secure SSL connections, and we encrypt any sensitive data like passwords or OAuth tokens on our systems.